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Link to my online presence June 9, 2009

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This is a link to my online presence which takes the shape of a website


Online Presence, what I could do

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I think I will make a website on google sites for my online presence because I haven’t done that before and I feel like I should try something new.

 It will include a gallery of my work, a not entirely truthful c.v, my movie and perhaps other movies 0ff youtube I personally find interesting. I think it is important to develop an online presence because it is an easy way to get your work out into the world. It should hopefully also be a place where I can easily express myself without getting to frustrated at the computer. Of course billions of other people are also putting their art and ideas out there but it’s a start.


Thomson and Craighead

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I find this video very facinating, not in the least the idea behind it. It’s quite amazing just in itself how many people in the world blog. There must be so many stories on people blogs. It’s also great how it shows how the barriors of language and distance can be broken so much more easily. The clip visually shows views of the earth from birds eye view (or google earth) which contributes to the title ‘flat earth’ obviously, but it also references, again, the idea of breaking down of boundaries


Cory Archangel

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 This is a link to a very cool video by Cory Archangel. I find it very intriguing because a) Archangel is not an artist and b) the fact that it is a video of a computers memory. Humans have been creating art about their dreams and memories for centurys, it’s about time that computers got that too


Open sourse Software

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Open sourse software is free software available to anyone with an internet connnection. They are able to be constantly upgraded because of its basis on a sourse code. I have here 5 examples of open sourse software.

Open office: It is very similar to Microsoft word and is used for word processing
Gimp:This is the open sourse version of photoshop
Audacity:With this program you can make music and sound effects for a song or as an audio track for a movie
Open movie editor:As the name suggests this is for editing videos
Wordpress:A free blogging site, much like this one 😉


My slinky movie

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I actually like this movie because it reminds me of being see-sick or confused. It’s very disorientating, and I get to use my slinky again 😀


Open source software video

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This video clearly outlines what free open sourse software is as well as giving examples. Choice. I got it off youtube and imported it using the url